• MPGE-2/H.264 SD Encoder

    MPGE-2/H.264 SD Encoder

    ◆ 8*CVBS, 8 pairs unbalanced stereo audio ◆ MPEG2 and h.264 encoding ◆ Magnum video encoder hardware ◆ Small resolution encoding, low bitrate ◆ Economic professional broadcast encoder

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  • H.264 Mpeg4 Ip Encoder

    H.264 Mpeg4 Ip Encoder

    ◆ HDCP supported ◆ downscale resolution 1080P@ 60fps/720p to 576p/480p ◆ AC3 pass optional AAC audio ◆ ASI and IP streaming simultaneously ◆ Low power consumption and high reliability

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    ◆ 1/4/16 HDMI in, H.265 video encoding,MP3/AAC audio encoding ◆ Each HDMI input gets 9 streams output. ◆ Video monitor on web management. ◆ Support separate audio output function----NEW! ◆...

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  • HEVC IPTV Encoder

    HEVC IPTV Encoder

    ◆ Optional 1-4 Channels HD-SDI or HDMI
    ◆ 40-60% compression gain
    ◆ any to any encoding
    ◆ multi-channels,encoding format,protocols,compatibility with servers

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  • 4K Decoder

    4K Decoder

    ◆ single channel HDMI(2.0) or SDI 4K UHD decoder
    ◆ VBR, CBR, ABR, NearCBR, GOP adjustable
    ◆ Picture-in-picture (PIP) operation supported
    ◆ Static or roll subtitle overlay

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  • ISDB-T Multiplexer

    ISDB-T Multiplexer

    ◆ 12 ASI in to 2ASI/ISDB-T/Tb RF out ◆ inner and outside(SFN) 10Mhz BNC clock, LAYER3 MUX ◆ Two separate RJ45/SFP Ports ◆ Current guard interval ◆ Two power supply

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  • IP Satellite Demodulator

    IP Satellite Demodulator

    ◆ 8 FTA DVB-S2(max 16/32 apsk)to 244 IP channels satellite receivers, BISS KEY support ◆ with web monitor function for output bitrate, in/out errors etc.. ◆ batch set IP address and close out...

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  • Broadcast QAM Modulator

    Broadcast QAM Modulator

    ◆ extensible pluggable 16 QAM modules, up to 48qam out. ◆ IP loop out ◆ with extra -20db RF out ◆ 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies

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  • 4k H.265 Encoder

    4k H.265 Encoder

    ◆ ultra HD HEVC DVB encoder
    ◆ 4:2:2 and low-latency encoding
    ◆ HDMI in with HDMI for backup
    ◆ HDMI loop out
    ◆ UHD/4K video encoder

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