ENC3240 4/8/12 hdmi(hdcp) mpeg4 avc hd encoder

ENC3240 4/8/12 hdmi(hdcp) mpeg4 avc hd encoder

◆ Extensible module version, save chassis cost
◆ with costumed dual hot swap power supply
◆ SDI input optional

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Product Details


    ENC3240 is the 1-RU high definition (HD) encoder with multi-service capability, flexibly delivering multiple full HD and SD resolution services to a range of devices. Designed to address the ever-increasing demand for advanced video and audio services, the high performance. It provides up to 12 channels of superior quality constant bit rate (CBR) or variable bit rate (VBR) MPEG- 4 AVC (H.264) with AAC, AC3 Bypass and MPEG-1 L2 audio. Very flexible configurable the number of channels inputs to plug-in HDMI board. The encoder provides IP as well as the DVB ASI output that meets DVB TS stream standard. The product is ideal for a broad range of applications including contribution and distribution. Depend on your requiry.

    ENC3240 is the most advanced HD encoding platform for IPTV, satellite, cable or terrestrial application available today. The operators can quickly and efficiently launch new HD services and improve service-carrying capacity by combining several MPEG-4 AVC HD channels. For Telcos and other IP-based service providers, highly bandwidth efficient MPEG-4 CBR encoding and native IP output make it possible to deliver exciting and competitive HD services.


◆ Optional 4/8/12 Channels encoding, 4 HDMI(HDCP), 2seperate ASI Inputs, 2 identical ASI and GbE IP out per Module, 3 Modules per 1RU Chassis

◆ Simultaneous outputs via IP, DVB-ASI In MPTS mode

◆ H.264 HD encoding video output rate range: 2 ~ 20Mbps

◆ Advanced MPEG-4 AVC HP@L4 video compression

◆ Supports multiple HD and SD formats including: Auto, 1920*1080P50, 1920*1080P59.94, 1920*1080P60, 1920*1080I50, 1920*1080I59.94, 1920*1080I60, 1280*720P50, 1280*720P59.94, 1280*720P60, 720*576I, 720*480I

◆ Audio encoding mode support Bypass MPEG-1, L2, AC3 Bypass, AAC. Note: 12 HDMI channels not support AAC

◆ MPEG-1 - L2/AAC audio bitrate support: 64Kbps, 968Kbps, 128Kbps, 192Kbps, 256Kbps, 384Kbps

◆ Audio sampling rate support: Auto, 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz

◆ Single board system output rate range: 2 ~ 60Mbps output bit rate encoding, multiplexing the output rate of 2 ~ 150Mbps

◆ Each boards can choose multiplexed mode on and off, multiplexed mode on, it can support Two ASI input port and four path video and audio coding data stream multiplexing function, and IP only supports MPTS; multiplexed mode off, only support Quad Video and audio coding function, IP support SPTS and MPTS, in SPTS mode, it does not support the ASI output. A single board multiplexing mode supports up to 24 sets of program output

◆ Using LCD LCD monitor, the system can monitor the state and set up the system parameters

◆ Can be through the WEB browser, the device parameter settings, upgrade

◆ With power down memory function